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In our Toddler Program, our aim is to assist in and supervise the balanced development of well-rounded and independent children. In supporting your toddler, we explore and develop skills in language, math, art, music, and practical life tasks through hands-on exploratory activities.

Sensitive To / Areas of Growth:

✔️ Language & Speech

✔️ Sensorial Development

✔️ Movement & Interaction with surroundings through physical activity

✔️ Gross & Fine motor skills

✔️ Social Skills & Development

Program Highlights:

✔️ Development of master vocabulary

✔️ Cultivation of pre-reading skills

✔️ Gaining qualitative and quantitative concepts, numerical recognition

✔️ Expression of creative ideas through art

✔️ Exploration of arts materials and media (process over product)

✔️ Experimentation with musical instruments & props

✔️ Foster self-care skills such as hygiene, mindful eating, cleaning shared spaces

✔️ Developing motor skills such as polishing, pouring, spooning

✔️ Cultivating attitudes of kindness & respect

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