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Children start their days with us with Brain Care & Brain Development through movement. We begin with yoga, meditation, breathwork and tuning into the body. We provide yoga and music-movement programming in addition to indoor and outdoor play. Our movement programming is in collaboration with skilled Toronto instructors. Our yoga program is led by Mai Meret, founder of 123 Kids Yoga, who has practiced yoga and mindfulness with children in more than 150 locations across the GTA.
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Our music-movement program brings the joy of music to the classroom through movement, participation, and hands-on experimentation with musical instruments. These are highly engaging sessions where children are free to play with props such as bells, shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves, drums, and sand blocks.
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Mindfulness is the practice of consciously bringing one’s attention to the present moment without judgement. We integrate and encourage mindfulness practices in all daily activities from practical tasks such as food preparation, eating, starting the day, and more.
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Similar to mindfulness, meditation is the practice of awareness in body and mind. We demonstrate and encourage meditation practices that help children foster a calm mind and environment.