Ravine School

Our aim in this program is to guide children to see their place in the community in all aspects of life and develop a deeper appreciation for community and culture. In our Elementary Program, children develop a sense of responsibility, self-care, independence, and leadership. They are encouraged to support their Montessori community through caring for the immediate environment, caring for class animal companions and plants, and ensuring the space is well-cared for. They also grow their sense of citizenship through regular visits to the ravine.

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Program Highlights

Physical Movement:

✔ Inquiry-based Montessori learning experiences that incorporate the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire)

Cosmic curriculum as the heart of the classroom.

✔ Children will develop a deep connection with the natural world.

Movement, body awareness, coordination, and rhythm with musical accompaniment

Evolutionary Exploration:

✔ Children build ecological awareness and a relationship with the land through the regular and respected rhythm of access to the same outdoor space over extended periods of time

✔ Children will develop a reciprocal relationship with the land and an understanding of themselves as a part of the natural world

Branch of knowledge:

Increased responsibility in caring for the Montessori space and Working with raw and natural materials.

New mathematical concepts such as place value, money, time, geometry, decimals & fractions.

✔ A deeper comprehension of language, grammar, reading, and creative writing

✔ Exploration of larger concepts related to geography, history, zoology, botany, chemistry, and the arts

Sensitive To / Areas of Growth:

Resilience and sense of wonder.

Child – Directed Exploration.

Child led Exploration

Manipulation, Freedom and movement

Development from Sensorial to Abstract


Sense of Order and Classification

Sense of Morality and Justice

Reason and Logic

Cause and Effect

Social Development through group work, teamwork, & collaboration

Community Awareness:

Further development of practical life tasks such as assisting with meal preparation, self-care, cleaning, etc.

Developing an appreciation for culture and community through Community Integration Program.

Practice of goal-setting, time management, resolving conflicts, attention to detail, and more.

Oral & visual communication skills developed through project presentations & class discussion.

Consolidated critical thinking through word problems.



September 2022 – June 2023

For 3.8-9 Years

Full Day Program runs from 8:45 am to 3:45pm

Location: 397A Vaughan Rd, York, ON M6C 2N8


Alexandra Tsamis

[Founder + School Director of Sunflower Montessori & The Elementary Ravine School] Phone: 647 406 4108 Email: atsamis1216@gmail.com

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