Alexandra Tsamis


Alexandra Tsamis grew up in the community and wanted to continue to be connected and involved as an educator. In 2005 she founded Sunflower Montessori after seeing the need for holistic childcare in the community. Through her journey as a parent, educator and expertise in Montessori her intention was to stay true to the guiding principles of her work. Alex noticed that often the programs lacked the full integration of all parts of Dr. Montessori integration of all parts of the child:

“Here at Sunflower Montessori we ”

She continues to expand her work into the community and her wisdom through certifications in herbalism, spiritual psychotherapy and additional Montessori accreditations.


Casa Program







Embodying Community

Beyond the classroom building community, connections and relationships that will have an impact for a lifetime.

Children go on excursions where they are able to meet members of the community who run programs.


  • Local artisans businesses ie. pottery, flower arrangements
  • Look at where our local food is sourced from
  • Partnerships with local homecare provider that families source when they need care before our program or seasonally
  • Partnerships with locals where we have our seasonal gardens
  • We connect regularly to the local ravine where we run programs to further develop the child’s connection to nature and it’s cycles

These experiences help the child build skills for life by developing compassion, reverence, and a sense of order in their physical and natural environment.

These skills are for life, we develop an appreciation for the larger world so they embody compassion, reverence, and sense of order in their physical and natural environment. This connects with a bigger relationship to the global community and universe.

Difference Between Traditional Education & Montessori

What Montessori is about:

What the Montessori Method is not about:

Who We Are:

Who We Are Not:


Our space allows for your child’s growth to develop at it’s natural rhythm by:

  • Prioritizing a sense of serenity with the use of natural light, materials, tools and furniture
  • Ensuring is made with safe natural materials and through companies that have the least impact on the environment
  • The space is kept clear with eco-friendly local products
We have a beautiful Montessori location on Oakwood Avenue (between St. Clair W and Eglinton). Our Sunflower Montessori location includes outside access with a beautiful wrap-around garden and we have close access to Cedarvale Park.

Holistic Nutrition

Through our daily program we provide delicious and dynamic meals provided by our in-house chef who integrates natural whole organic ingredients, locally and seasonally sourced and follows the natural life cycle of foods.

Our relationship to our nutrition and food program is a lot deeper than the meals we provide. It’s about setting the child up to be fueled, nourished and regulated so that they can learn at an optimal level. 

Food is the foundation to the unfolding of the child’s day, temperate, behaviors, attention span, and energy levels. This plays an impactful role in the child’s physiological development.