Monthly Workshops

Teacher Programs

We offer retreats and workshops for teachers interested in higher education to aid in their growth allowing them to bring soul into the classroom. These programs dive deep into the cosmic work of Montessori and also integrate practical curriculum ideas.

Sacred Kaksha Program for Teachers

For decades many spiritual readings and literature have talked about the creation of a new earth. The time has come and as we grow in our collective consciousness and reunite as one, I’m offering this creation through the eyes of Dr. Maria Montisorri’s work. With the fundamental piece being that this change we are creating is done through the work with children so that they can carry this new way into the world right from childhood into adulthood.

These weekend workshops include small groups. We will be focusing on unifying the elements that create the whole child.

Parent Workshops

These focus on how to establish a natural rhythm at home using our human design. They address the challenges parents face with their children's temperaments, development and soul.

Getting Into Rhythm With Your Child

Tuning into rhythm in all parts of our lives, ie. work, at home, getting ready in the morning. In this workshop you will learn how to find and create a seamless flow with your children, allowing them to be in their fullest present self and connected to the environment around them.

Connecting to this rhythm allows their body, mind, spirit to flow where they are able to participate fully. When children are not in their natural rhythm it looks like dissociation, lack of presence, defiance, tired, disengaged.etc. Often when children are disconnected from their rhythm and environment they get labeled with things like ADHD, defiant and learning disabled.

Creating routine, intentional time management, short term and long term goals is part of this process that we will walk you through. .

Community Businesses

We regularly use and support local businesses and utilize local food from farm encouraging farm to table practices.