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In our Casa Program, our aims are to provide opportunities for cooperation, collaboration, and social integration. Children are invited to discover through interaction with hands-on Montessori materials that make learning tactile and empowering. In this program, children develop skills for life-long learning, independent thinking, and problem-solving.

Sensitive To / Areas of Growth:

✔️ Sense of Order

✔️ Movement & Music

✔️ Speech & Language

✔️ Writing & Reading

✔️ Refining the Senses

✔️ Sensory & Motor Development

✔️ Cognitive Development & Ability to Reason

✔️ Emotional & Social Development (Learning to understand and manage feelings)

Program Highlights:

✔️ Prepare skills for reading & writing through phonetic material

✔️ Hands-on, concrete mathematical exercises

✔️ Understanding the relationship between numerical symbols and quantities

✔️ Introduction to addition, subtraction, multiplication & division

✔️ Hands-on exploration of musical instruments, participation in movement & music program

✔️ Exploration of new concepts including the world, environment, history, language, technology, science, & art

✔️ Discover varied impressions by each of the senses, broaden & refine sense perception

✔️ Develop a sense of order

✔️ Develop manipulative tasks through using tools and objects

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