Sunflower Montessori School focuses on self development, independence, the natural love for learning and empowerment of children. Our approach is to foster global citizens who embody nurturing, peace, friendship and patience.
“It is interesting to notice that where life is simple and natural and where the children participate in the adult’s life, they are calm and happy.”


What Sets Us Apart

We embody the true elements of Montessori through individualized programing that integrates and gets to the root of her work through nature, nutrition and nurturing:

  • Home away from home

  • Creating a safe space to learn

  • Where nature is brought inside

  • Build the building blocks of nutrition as a foundation for life

  • The natural world is a foundational block for every aspect of our programing

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Are you looking for an environment where your child:

  • You trust those in care
  • Is seen for who they are
  • Is taken care of and with care on all levels
  • Is safe and secure emotionally, physically, spiritually
  • Able to be free in a safe space to guide them to their independence

    Our Philosophy:

    Staying true to Montessori’s work we make it a priority to:

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    Walk your child through their natural growth

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    Work with the laws of nature and your child’s natural self development

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    Foster and model for your child a global community where we are a collective

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    Be visible in the community through our daily programs

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    Bring the community to the school in order to connect and develop lasting relationships

    Our school provides this unique space and experiences for a true conscious community to be developed.


    Our Programs Are:

    Alexandra Tsamis

    Alexandra Tsamis grew up in the community and wanted to continue to be connected and involved as
    an educator. In 2005 she founded Sunflower Montessori after seeing the need for holistic childcare in the community. Through her journey as a parent, educator and expertise in Montessori her intention was to stay true to the guiding principles of her work. Alex noticed that often the programs lacked the full integration of all parts of Dr. Montessori integration of all parts of the child:

    “Here at Sunflower Montessori we ”

    She continues to expand her work into the community and her wisdom through certifications in herbalism, spiritual psychotherapy and additional Montessori accreditations.

    • Quamina Family
      Sunflower Montessori is so much more than a school.  It is a community where children are encouraged, nurtured and cared for. It is a place where the staff and educators are extensions of family, and children grow and develop feeling secure and self-assured. From the wonderful menus to the exploratory activities, Sunflower Montessori has consistently provided an environment of opportunity and imagination for their students. I had the pleasure of sending three children to Sunflower over the course of 9 years and still see the imprint it has left on their confidence, the joy they find in practice and self-accomplishment, and the way they instinctively follow their interests to uncover paths of discovery. Thank you, Sunflower Montessori, for being such a beautiful staple in our children’s development and in our family life.
      Quamina Family
    • Laurenn Schecter
      From the first moment we walked into Sunflower Montessori, we knew it was the right place for our children to spend their early childhood years. The space is beautifully laid out, clean and immaculately organized. The staff and teachers are Montessori trained, lovely, warm and care so deeply for the children. We sent all 3 of our children to Sunflower and they truly felt like it was their second home. The teachers are so loving and made them feel comfortable and loved from day 1. We would highly recommend sending your children here. There are few spots in Toronto like it, with a focus on healthy eating, sustainability and a consciousness about our earth and the environment. This is a gem of a school. Our kids are older now but all of them went right through from 18 months until SK. We will always hold Sunflower close to our hearts and are so thankful to have had this beautiful safe space to send our kids for so many years. They will always remember their years at Sunflower and still talk about their experiences today.
      Laurenn Schecter
    • Tina Strifto
      When we were trying to decide where to send our son to preschool, we were focused on finding a place where he would feel safe, would be challenged and would be in a loving environment. We found all of this and more at Sunflower Montessori. While dropping him off was hard, we felt comforted each day at pick-up when we would see his smiling face recounting all of the fun things he did and learned. Sunflower Montessori provided a wonderful education to our son and our experience was so positive, it was the natural choice when looking for a preschool for our daughter. We are so grateful to have found a place that was not only a school, but an extension of our home.
      Tina Strifto