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What Makes Us Different

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What makes us different from other Montessori schools is our holistic approach to learning.


Nutritional Eating


  • We have an in-house holistic nutritionist and chef, who prepares daily meals on site; along with the help of the children
  • Organic and local ingredients are used in preparation of all snacks and lunch
  • We use whole and natural ingredients
  • Our olive oil is imported from Greece
  • See our sample organic menu


Community Integration


  • We help children understand that they are part of a larger community
  • Children take classes in the community – for example, pottery, chocolate making, music, flower arranging, and gardening.
  • Our “Building Within the Community Program” allows children an opportunity to meet with local businesses and community businesses that we collaborate with. This program is designed to help build relationships, and build an awareness of the various processes and people involved in the things that are brought to them in their daily lives
  • See our community collaborators





  • We teach our children ecological awareness and how to care for the environment
  • All fresh produce of fruits and vegetables are either organic or locally produced
  • The meats we use are locally grown
  • Both children and staff use eco-friendly products to keep the environment clean. (The products we use for cleaning are “Seventh Generation”.)
  • Everything from furniture to our materials have been selected from companies that minimize any negative impact on the environment
  • Our furniture is made from non-toxic material


Movement & Body Awareness


  • Yoga – Mai Meret, founder of 123 Kids Yoga, has introduced and practiced yoga and mindfulness with children in daycares and students in private and public schools in more than 150 locations throughout the GTA. 123 Kids Yoga was started with the intention to introduce and education as many children, parents and families about yoga and mindfulness.
  • Music with movement – Hannah Shiran Naiman is a traditional music and dance leader based in Toronto. She’s been working with babies and children since 2000, and recorded with the highly acclaimed Kathy-Reid Naiman on her award winning children’s music albums since 1997. Hannah’s number 1 goal is to bring the joy of music into the classroom through movement and participation and also through hands-on experimentation with musical instruments. Throughout their joyful class of music and movement children learn important literacy skills,mathematical skills,music and key social and physical development skills as well. The songs and dances we learn have been tried and tested for generations and guaranteed to please. Hannah plays guitar,ukulele,fiddle and banjo. She brings along bells,shakers,rhythm sticks,scarves,drums and sand blocks for all.
  • Meditation

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