Lower Elementary Program (6-9 years)

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Our aim in this program is to enable children to see their place in all aspects of life and develop a deeper appreciation for community and culture. In our Elementary Program, children develop a sense of responsibility, self-care, independence, and leadership. They are encouraged to support their Montessori community through caring for the immediate environment: caring for class pets and plants, ensuring the space is well-cared for. They also grow in their sense of community citizenship through regular visits to the ravine, local classes, and local businesses.

Sensitive To / Areas of Growth:

✔️ Development from Sensorial to Abstract

✔️ Language

✔️ Sense of Order & Classification

✔️ Sense of Morality & Justice

✔️ Reason & Logic

✔️ Cause & Effect

✔️ Social Development through group work, teamwork, & collaboration

Program Highlights:

✔️ Deeper comprehension of language, grammar, reading, & creative writing

✔️ Oral & visual communication skills developed through project presentations & class discussion

✔️ New mathematical concepts such as place value, money, time, geometry, decimals & fractions

✔️ Consolidated critical thinking through word problems

✔️ Exploration of larger concepts related to geography, history, zoology, botany, chemistry, the arts

✔️ Developing an appreciation for culture and community through Community Integration Program

✔️ Further development of practical life tasks such as assisting with meal preparation, self-care, cleaning, etc.

✔️ Increased responsibility in caring for the Montessori space

✔️ Practice of goal-setting, time management, resolving conflicts, attention to detail, & more

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