Food Philosophy


The food we eat is an important part of who we are, and thus an integral part of our curriculum.

At Sunflower Montessori, we pay attention to every detail of the food process. We do this by:

  • Hand-picking of all local & organic produce and ingredients
  • Cooking in cast iron pots & pans that retain flavour and fortify nutrients
  • Serving the meals in a family style dining atmosphere in order to foster values of connection, sharing and community

Our environment is set up so that children are enabled to learn about nutrition, have a healthy attitude towards food, and  develop an awareness and respect for their bodies. The nutritional options available to children are crucial to their growth and development, as the food they eat plays a key role in their ability to learn and in their behavioral attitudes. We believe its important for children to understand that food decisions are health decisions.

Our menu is carefully designed to create a balanced meal with essential vitamins and minerals accessible from wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, high quality lean protein and healthy fats. All of our meals are prepared fresh on site, from scratch, on a daily basis by our CNP certified, in-house holistic nutritional chef – with the help of the children, of course.

The children are a part of every process:

  • Selecting food from local businesses through our Community Integration Program
  • Prepping food
  • Cleaning up

We at Sunflower Montessori strive to instil healthy eating habits in order to perpetuate a holistic lifestyle that will eventually carry children into lasting wellness.

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