Toddler Program
(18 months – age 3)

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The Purpose of Our Program is to:


  • Develop & build the foundation for a strong independent personality
  • Assist and supervise the natural development of each child


Curriculum Overview


  • Develop and master vocabulary through sensorial materials & phonetic material
  • Explore storytelling
  • Cultivate pre-reading skills



  • Investigate hands on, concrete material and exercises
  • Complete a basic introduction to qualitative and quantitative concepts, including numeral recognition



  • Express individual creative ideas with the use of various art materials
  • Sensorially explore material and media, rather than creating a product



  • Experiment with playing instruments as well as waving scarves and other props – toddlers love songs that require physical responses
  • Bring the joy of music into the classroom through movement, participation, and hands-on experimentation with musical instruments
  • Promote important skills in literacy, math, and physical/social development through music


Practical life tasks*

  • Foster skills in self-care
  • Learn the importance of environmental care
  • Assist with cleaning
  • Complete tasks such as polishing, pouring, and spooning
  • Cultivate attitudes of kindness and respect

* These tasks and expectations give the child a meaningful degree of independence and self-discipline.

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