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Children in this Age Group are:


  • In the age of reason – they are concerned with the how and why of things, and with the order of the mind (a lot of activities thus involve classification)
  • Concerned with cause and effect, morality, group work, and mental work
  • Exploring morality and justice, and differentiating between right and wrong 


The Purpose of Our Program is to:


  • Encourage students to take on bigger projects, facilitated in smaller groups, to promote teamwork, respect, and collaboration
  • Allow for wider boundaries of social experience
  • Assist the child’s development from sensorial to abstract

Curriculum Overview


  • The categories that make up our language program are: grammar, word study, reading comprehension, creative writing, and poetry study
  • Oral and visual communication skills are developed through project presentations, oral reading, class discussions, and asking questions/speaking to people in the community
  • Language is intertwined in all areas of the curriculum – children are required to read information and written instructions and to plan their daily work schedule



  • Deepen understanding of numbers by using Montessori material and moving towards abstraction
  • Introduce concepts using concrete examples, including place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. concepts of money, time, geometry, decimals and fractions are also presented.
  • Geometry concepts include the study of solid figures, lines, and the extensive study of shapes (triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, and circles.)
  • Consolidate knowledge and develop critical thinking skills by introducing word problems



  • Experiment with playing instruments as well as waving scarves and other props – toddlers love songs that require physical responses
  • Bring the joy of music into the classroom through movement, participation, and hands-on experimentation with musical instruments
  • Promote important skills in literacy, math, and physical/social development through music


Practical life tasks**

  • Learn the importance of health and lifestyle, and skills that can be mirrored in home life
  • Assist the in house chef on a daily basis to prepare snacks/lunch
  • Care for themselves
  • Care for the environment – which includes caring for plants, class pets, and ensuring the classroom is well-kept and clean (responsibilities include washing dishes, sweeping, dusting, and others)
  • Develop responsibility, coordination, concentration, attention to detail, and good work habits
  • Allow children to set individual goals, manage their time, and solve conflicts peacefully – skills that can be carried over into any environment



  • Explore concepts related to geography, history, zoology, botany, chemistry, and the arts
  • Foster relationships within the community and allow students to recognize the relationships between subjects
  • Make regular visits to the ravine, and go to local pottery classes, the butcher shop, the fish monger, the chocolatier, and a local, child-friendly café that hosts musical events
  • Help children see their place in all aspects of life, thus developing an appreciation for other cultures

* Hannah Naiman is a traditional music and dance leader based in Toronto. She has worked with babies and children since 2000, and has recorded with the highly acclaimed Kathy-Reid Naiman on her award winning children’s music albums since 1997. Hannah plays the guitar, ukulele, fiddle and banjo; and brings along bells, shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves, drums, and blocks for all. 

** These tasks and expectations give the child a meaningful degree of independence and self-discipline.

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