Casa Program
(age 3 – age 6)

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The purpose of our program is to:


  • provide ample opportunity for cooperation, collaboration, and social integration
  • offer the keys to knowledge through scientifically designed materials
  • cultivate the skills needed for life-long learning, independent thinking, and problem solving
  • develop a solid foundation for each individual’s social, physical, and cognitive needs
  • invite children to be sensorial explorers – discovering through interaction with Montessori materials


Curriculum Overview



  • prepare skills for reading and writing using phonetic material


  • complete hands on, concrete exercises
  • develop an understanding of the relationship between symbols and quantities
  • provide an introduction to advanced exercises such as addition, subtration, multiplication and division


  • bring the joy of music into the classroom through movement, participation, and hands-on experimentation with musical instruments
  • promote important skills in literacy, math, and physical/social development through music


  • explore various topics of the environment and world
  • develop concepts of history, language, pure science, technology, and art

Sensorial Development

  • help children sort out the varied impressions given by the senses
  • broaden and refine sense perception
  • develop a sense of order

Practical life tasks**

  • develop manipulative skills
  • foster manipulative and self-development skills
  • learn the importance of environmental care

* Hannah Naiman is a traditional music and dance leader based in Toronto. She has worked with babies and children since 2000, and has recorded with the highly acclaimed Kathy-Reid Naiman on her award winning children’s music albums since 1997. Hannah plays the guitar, ukulele, fiddle and banjo; and brings along bells, shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves, drums, and blocks for all.
** These tasks and expectations give the child a meaningful degree of independence and self-discipline.