Our School



Sunflower Montessori is a holistic and nurturing learning environment,
where a child can awaken to his or her own individuality and higher capacities for thinking, feeling and willing.

The vision of Sunflower Montessori is to manifest the principles at the heart of Maria Montessori’s philosophy and work.


We are an accredited member of the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators.



Our class sizes are small. We foster community, while revering each child’s unique journey of social, physical, and spiritual growth.

Our classrooms are bright, cozy, and homelike; equipped with carefully selected and authentic Montessori learning materials. This ensures the optimum environment for stimulating the natural process of learning.

We have designed our learning environment with a beautifully simple and organic aesthetic that will help children find the natural creative energy and the inner confidence needed to develop essential life skills.

Our space was created using Maria Montessori’s observations on how children interact with their environments.
It has been designed to:

  • Promote curiosity
  • Provide enough space for the child to move freely
  • Enable young minds to calmly discover
  • Encourage the development of the capacity to concentrate
  • Achieve a profound tranquility in work

Our teaching methods empower and nurture life skills that promote well being, self-awareness and understanding…

… and we honour the diverse spectrum of cultural traditions through which knowledge and imagination can be cultivated. Our holistic approach is what really makes us different. Read about it here.

Photography by Diana Renelli.